Blindspotting: intitial reactions
Open thread

Topics for M 11/18

Here are topics for our discussion of Blindspotting 0n Monday. Feel free to start the conversation in comments and to suggest additional topics.

  • Setting, particularly through contrasts.
  • Use of props, costume and make-up for character development and also setting.
  • Masculinity through action and performance.
  • Color and lighting, especially in Collin's dreams/memories).


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Katelyn Beard

I especially liked the use of colored lights creating shadows on faces, like Collin waiting at the red light. I also noticed the repetition of certain props, like buying one loose cigarette, burning incense, and green juice. It's like those props became a part of the character's costume.

Katelyn Beard

I really liked how this movie was shot, especially the memories and flashbacks. The 'Scorpion King' story the stranger told and the nightmare scene were my favorite shots.
I like the change in color and the voice-overs used when telling the Scorpion bowl story, I also liked the cut away shots with commentary, which lightened up the story.
The nightmare scene was shot like an art piece and gave that 'out of control' feeling you get in a nightmare because of the black backdrop and use of silhouettes, sound, color and shadows.

Taylor Seufferheld

I really liked how Collin used music and rapping to show how he is feeling in a non-serious way. I think this is a tool he uses to protect his masculinity because if he came out to Miles and just said some of these things he may have been made fun of. the only time the rapping ever becomes a serious thing is at the end when Collin is pointing a gun at the cop.

Ray Barton

I really liked how throughout the film Collin avoids the guns and even tells Miles to put the guns away because he's afraid of violating his parole, contradicting the stereotype about black men especially in inner cities relying on guns even at the risk of violating parole. However, the climax of the film has him holding a gun while he is at the end of his rope with all of the judgments almost as if he's giving in to the stereotype and giving the audience what they want out of him.

Camden Kennedy

It was interesting to watch the difference between Collin's and Mile's reaction to the party they attend. Collin was somewhat uncomfortable but accepting of the of cultural appropriation. While Mile's internalized and took the ignorance personally.

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